What's air aromatization by Flavour™?

By using scent marketing technologies at home or in office, you score the highest points for creating the most comfortable environment for you and your potential customer with the help of unobtrusive concominant flavour.

Online shop of scent diffusors and volatile oils Flavour propose you the all-in solution!

The proper scent, selected in the right way, creates pleasant emotions and good associacions. It lightens up the mood, brings comfort and conduces to making an buy or just nice time-spending. Correctly made room aromatization in any business sphere allows for standing out among the competitors and making a impression on potential customer about your business or proposed products, together with positive emotions.

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Flavour™ - flavours for home and business

When using flavours for home and business there are some important points to consider:

  • Natural volatile oils only
  • No solvents and harmful substances in composition
  • High odour persistency, ultra lightweight
  • High quality and safety of equipment used
  • Saving expenditure
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Flavour™ professional equipment for room aromatization

The working principle of Flavour™ electric diffusal equipment for living quarters and nonresidential premises is based on a new air aromatization technology that uses method of flavour spraying with moist vapour and has some notable advantages:

  • Smooth and even room covering
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Minimal expenditure
  • Ultra-light droplets, sprayed by vapour, are 50 times lighter than aerosol drops
  • No spray accumulation on interior, furniture or closing
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- Why scent marketing is so effective?

- Because it's simple and multi-purpose!

  • Air and emotions
    Pleasant scent brings unforgettable feelings.
  • Connection with customer or visitors
    Scent establishes a subconsious connection between people. Properly selected flavour makes a one whole out of room, product/service and consumer. It makes for bigger people flow, because we tend to be where we feel comfortable.
  • Image of your business
    Scent marketing technologies make possible to create a unique air for any business sphere and emphasize your advantages. A unique scent can become a basis for connection of flavour to your brand recognition.
  • Sales and results
    It's proved that creating a comfortable environment for customer increase sales and average bill level by 10% at least, and average time that customer (even non-targeted) spends at shop by 15-20 minutes.
  • Air purification
    Scent therapy solutions by Flavour also resolve the problem of air purification by means of natural flavours, that contain desinfectant components made of volatile oils
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