Flavour online shop was created basing on the idea to introduce unique but very simple, convenient and user-friendly systems of air moisturizing and aromatization called aroma diffusors to the markets of Ukraine and its neighboring countries, as well as to open to you a glamorous world of scents, created using only 100% natural essential oils. Using these simple components, you can create an inimitable atmosphere wherever you want it.

The philosophy of our company is based on:

     Health concerns.

We all know how important water is in our lives. Over dried air drastically affects the condition of our skin and hair, as well as the quality of our sleep, which is very important for our appearance and general state of health. These elements are essential for women, who want to keep their youth and beauty as long as possible. Young mothers should note that if their babies suffer with labored breathing during their sleep, it might be caused by a common air humidity imbalance.

     Influence over your state of mind.

Using various aromas, you can either calm yourself down or cheer yourself up. This might be helpful for businesspersons who want to push up their sales with minimal investments.

     Compactness and design.

Notwithstanding the fact that our diffusors look tiny from the first sight, there is a great power inside of them! One of these diffusors is capable of covering the area of 40 square meters at no effort. To say nothing about the esthetic satisfaction with the appearance of these diffusors! They look rather like cute figurines than technical units.

Our aim is to increase the quality of your live, improve your health and business!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Shpak (Director of Flavour Company)


Certificates of quality and conformity

All our products are certified according to international quality standards for the products.