Nowadays in order to be a successful shop among customers, broad product range and low prices are not enough, you have to create a receptive atmosphere on the retail floor. A customer should enjoy the purchase process, this can be reached by marketing tools based on illumination, music or aroma.

Scent marketing is the state-of-the-art and the most successful methodology, aimed at stimulation of a customer to make certain purchases using various aromas. Studies confirm the existence of stable associative relation between certain aromas and further action.



Essential oil irritating and soothing properties were well-known from the ancient times. The Incas and Mayas cultivated aroma herbs, ancient Greeks and Egyptians used essential oils in medicine and cosmetics, they created complex mixes of aromas. This is confirmed by papyruses and frescos found in Egyptian pyramids.

Chinese medical science treated diseases with essential oils since 3000 BC and is still effectively utilized nowadays despite the evolution of pharmaceutical science. Indian frankincense is known all over the world, their incense sticks and candles are an amazing natural air flavor.


Associations tied with different scents are formed in our early childhood. Retailers already equipped themselves with the opportunity to influence consumers with splendid aromas. Newly baked pastry scent is ideal for groceries, flower fragrances and expensive French perfume are used in boutiques, fresh pine aroma – in furniture stores.

Travel agencies also effectively use scent marketing to attract customers and stimulate them to purchase tours to certain countries. Exotic flowers and sea aromas is an offer to take round-the-world cruise, frankincense aroma is a subtle hint to buy a tour to a Middle East country.

Entertainment centers lure visitors with smells of popcorn, citrus drinks, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. These odors are firmly associated with fun, pleasure and careless pastime.

Apart from attracting customers, aromatization is also used to eliminate foul odors. This is particularly important in public places: terminals, airports, subway. Apart from diffusing scents in the air, special aromatization equipment helps cleaning the air from dust. For a long time slight lavender smell is being dispensed in Paris subway, it helps decreasing the passengers stress level in rush hours.

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