Close your ears and eyes – you will stop sensing the environment, it will lose all its vivid colors and sounds, but the richest part of it – the scents – will remain. Generally, a human being perceives information visually, unlike animals, which primary sense is the smell. However, scents influence our unconsciousness, act as emotional anchors, which strengthen the association between the smell and a current moment. What kind of processes happen in human brain at this moment is still a mystery for scientists, however, there some elaborations in this direction already.

For example, rigorous studies noted that when a person feels the smell of mint or basil, he finds the answer for mathematical formula and logical tasks quicker. That is why some private schools in Japan put fresh flower bouquets in classrooms during new materials studying.

One more study showed that a babies’ sense of smell is developed as early as in the womb. For this reason, during the treatment of premature babies an item from mothers’ clothes is put in an incubator. This calms down a baby and creates an illusion of safety.

Our odor sense splits smells into “good” and “bad” depending on the associative array which they cause. Just because of it the scent of the newly baked bread evokes the reminiscences about home, and the smell of jasmine and lilac reminds about the first date.

Upon inhaling the mix of aromas, corresponding to a certain moment, you can cast thoughts back to the past one more time and experience emotions tied to that moment again. Some psychiatrists utilize this method, submerging patients who lost their memory to a hypnotic sleep. Diplomats in Great Britain use brackish-iodide smell of the sea while conducting negotiations, because in induces associations with vacation, hence harmonizing the mood of the participants, producing a relaxing effect and contributing to increase of attention and work capacity.




Every human being has his own natural scent. That is how mother always know where her baby is even in the darkness and a mutual devotion between a man and a woman arises. Frenchmen, as the most famous lady-killers in the world, believe that even the natural color of women hair influences its smell. The most sexual are brunettes, they smell musk, which is a well-known aphrodisiac agent, blondes spread subtle ambergris aroma, and redhead ladies produce tender violet fragrance.

Everyone is supposed to know the story of Napoleon and Josephine, where on his way back from a campaign he sent a staffette in from of himself to notify his wife about his arrival and forward a request not to wash herself before they meet. The natural aroma of his wife drove the warlord crazy, that’s why he did not even look at other women.

Women use aromatic agents for hundreds of years, trying to add individuality to their overall image using inimitable fragrances.

Egyptian queen Cleopatra kept the lid on her perfumes' recipes so that no one could compete with her aroma. French kings always ordered to create individual fragrances for their paramours so that new favorite wouldn’t remind about previous crush.

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