The key factors of successful scent marketing are uniqueness and awareness. Famous footwear, clothes, furniture and equipment vendors have equipped themselves with these two characteristics in order to attract new customers.

It is quite easy to pick an aroma associated with food or clothes, but while dealing with consumer electronics you will have to rack your brain. Philips took a responsible approach – they had installed diffusers with fresh and ironed clothes fragrance near the exhibition stands with irons in Eldorado retail chain. The consumer demand for this type of consumer electronics rose several times in two weeks. Today Philips is installing special aromatization equipment near its exhibition stands with coffee-machines, breadmakers, juice squeezers that will spread the smells of fresh coffee, redolent baking and citrus.

In 2010 Apple Company was rewarded by American Design Awards for the original idea of how to increase sales of electronic devices. During the Pre-New-Year hustle they put the real fir trees in the shop-windows and additionally sprayed pine odor on the trading areas to stimulate customers for choosing electronics as a present.

American youth clothes manufacturer Abercrombie&Fitch increased his sales due to diffusing Fierce perfume in all 360 outlets of the brand. After several months customers associated this fragrance only with the youth brand. Upon entering any mall customers recognized that there is an Abercrombie&Fitch store only by the peculiar smell. The association of the fresh fragrance with youth and energy was so strong in the customers’ subconscious that Fierce eau de toilette became top sold perfume.

Blockbuster retail chain, a video cassette rental service, conducted a successful experiment. Depending on a movie genre they sprayed various scents near shelves with cassettes. This campaign was carried out under the supervision of AromaCo Company and its head, Simon Harrop, who claims that aroma can resurrect any feelings, make you live through the past time emotions and push to performing certain actions. Blockbuster chain has proven the efficiency of introducing scents marketing methods into retail on practice. Adventure and action movies department smelled gunpowder and sea wind, romantic melodrama department smelled roses and chocolate, comedy department smelled fruit aroma and cartoons department smelled chewing gum and caramel.

Nike Company carried out their own experiment on scents marketing, using as a two identical brand outlets as a base. In the first outlet they spread grass clipping and lemonade smells, the second store was left unchanged. Observations had shown that upon having absolutely identic stock, customers bought shoes more frequently from the first outlet, despite of the higher price. In addition, the duration of stay for each client in the first outlet was 15 % longer compared to the second one.

Modern aromatization systems allow to spread any fragrance automatically. In order to determine which smell suits certain premises best you should ask for professional assistance. There are plenty of peculiarities, from the size of premises, interior and illumination to the target audience. Scent marketing professionals will tell you about the correlation between these factors and select an ideal aroma for every situation. 


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