Effect of humidity on human health

Effect of humidity on human health

We all know that people are made up of 80% water. In consequence of that, the air humidity plays a significant role in the well-being and the interaction of our body.

Climate Central European Plain is the most acceptable from the point of view of indicators of human organism.

As for the more extreme climatic conditions, such as for example the tropics, the north or the Highlands, the question here is more in the adaptability of the body that lays down from generation to generation inhabitants of these regions. Due to what they really feel comfortable there. And without bringing God to get them in the climatic conditions of Central European Plain)) They themselves would feel about how we are in the tropics. But this does not mean that they live in an ideal climate. It is not for nothing the average death rate is much higher there. Yes, many representatives of the above areas, there are other causes of premature death other than humidity))), but nonetheless, moisture also plays a role!

Low humidity, primarily desiccate and mucosal epidermis. What contributes to the penetration into the body of almost all species of microorganisms that are not fortunate enough to get...

About moisture can say the following: it all worse tolerate people suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, diseases cardiovascular system. Excessive moisture in the first place affect the heat exchange of the body, thus being in the hot tropics to 30 degrees the temperature of your body will take all 50 ... Just do not forget the factor of development of any fungal diseases and bad zazhivlyaemost, and sometimes even the rotting wounds a tropical climate.

But we are still lucky that these problems can only be led if we want an exotic or extreme "vacation"))

You and I are lucky to live in ideal climatic conditions. But what is wrong with us? "BUT" It always is. And it is, of course, also have in our situation.

Ecology of our cities is far from perfect, it is if you talk softly ...

We are ruining your climate. The ideal climate can only be considered as we have, to some remote village where no one has reached urban progress.

So how do we facilitate your health? How to create at least for yourself the perfect microclimate? The answer is very simple - to humidify the air! Yes, moisturize! Especially this is true in the autumn winter heating season. When our windows closed tightly and central heating dries the air in the last remnants of moisture penetrating from the outside.

Modern electric humidifiers will help you create the perfect microclimate for you and your family. You and your body will fully relax at home, especially true for sleep. If you put a humidifier in the bedroom, your sleep will be strong as a baby, and in the morning you will be cheerful and full of energy.

Increasingly, consumers are preferring to modern humidifiers function with fragrance (ultrasonic Aromadiffusors), who not so long ago appeared on the market. This is an additional bonus as natural aroma oils can help create your ideal home a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort!

What exactly control the humidity of the air, and whether its general control, in any case, to choose only YOU!

You and I already lucky that we live here and not at the foot of the Himalayas or the Amazon tributaries.

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