Have you ever though why you buy significantly more goods which you didn’t intend to buy when you go to a supermarket without a previously composed list? It is the marketing, a science used by supermarket to subconsciously influence your choice using special product placement, illumination, music, and scents.

Upon entering a big supermarket you will make a detour before you put necessary goods into you basket. The most popular products, such as bread, tea, and milk are always placed in different parts of the store. It is done to make you pay attention at other products on your way.

Studies have shown that averagely per every minute spent in a shop you drop products worth 2 dollars into your basket. That is why the longer you walk between the shelves the more money you’ll leave on the checkout.

Illumination in supermarkets is made with special lamps which imitate daylight. In conjunction with whitish walls this can bring you to a semi hypnotic relaxed state. Usually a person blinks 30-35 times a minute, but in a store this index is decreased two times. This causes a somnolent effect on your nervous system, hence a person stays much longer on the retail floor than he had planned.



When you enter a supermarket commonly you see a shelf with fresh fruits and vegetables or flowers first. It is done to make an impression that there is only fresh food in the store like on a market. Depending on the season staff of the supermarket can diffuse citrus, fresh cucumber or apple fragrances in the vegetable department.
Big supermarkets always smell newly baked bread, vanilla pastry and luscious coffee. If a trading enterprise has his own bakery then these scents are natural, otherwise the staff diffuses the necessary fragrance using automatic diffusers or sprays.

Bread, meat and fish departments are located in order to create an impression that you are in a small convenient store. Herewith all the products with strong smell are packed and placed directly next to a customer like they are “asking to be placed into the basket”.


Depending on the list of the goods to buy the customer decides what to take on the store entrance: a basket or a trolley. However, even in this case there are marketing approaches to implement – simply reduce the quantity of little baskets and increase the amount of trolleys.  As a consequence a person who took a trolley purchases more than he planned as he does not feel the weight of goods, moreover the volume of the trolley pushes the customer to fill it up.

The musical background is one of the most powerful tools to increase sales. Easy relaxing music forces you to slow down and move in the same rhythm. The slower you move on the retail floor the more goods you can see and put into your trolley.


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