Equipment for flavoring premises


Any type of premises, where aroma diffusing equipment is to be installed, have their own peculiarities. The equipment has to be selected considering the size of premises, temperature behavior, designated purpose and publicity level.


Considering all the peculiarities of scent marketing, our company offers several types of ultra sound equipment, which has intensity regulation modules and can be programmed according to aim of use and needs of a user.

It is well known that certain aromas influence emotional and mental state. That's why aromatization of the air using natural essential oils becomes more and more popular.

In small-sized premises you can conduct aromatization using primitive materials on hand, like aerosol sprays, aroma candles and lamps, which give unstable aroma and contain foreign matter. But in order to receive a soft-core, steady and less harmful effect, which is especially important for places with high traffic (shops, cafés), it is better to utilize professional and semiprofessional equipment, such as electric essential oils diffusors. Ultra sound aromatizing diffusors have a distinguishing feature – apart from diffusing aroma liquid, they moisturize the air, which helps maintaining optimal microclimate in premises. In addition, original and stylish design of the equipment will suit any interior perfectly.

While we may choose an aroma for our houses according to our personal preferences, in public places it is better to spray fragrances, suitable for the peculiarity of a venue.

Aromatization equipment can be used in public catering venues, trading pavilions, sports and healthcare institutions, in public areas (airports, terminals, subways). As long as any of the mentioned venues has its inimitable design, original interior air freshener will suit the overall style without standing out with its size, form or color.  

Nowadays an electric moisturizing diffusor is an ideal equipment for creation of optimal microclimate in premises of any size. It will suit perfectly for spa salons, gyms, healthcare institutions, as long as apart from maintaining moisture level, it filters the air from dust and foreign odors.