Set of essential oils "Breathe it"

Set of essential oils "Breathe it"

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cinnamon, lavander, lavender, lemongrass, meant, musk, orange, rose, rose wood, ylang-ylang


  • Анастасия 08.12.2016

    Набор масел действительно очень хороший. Очень гармоничный. Можно использовать как по отдельности, так и самостоятельно делать миксы. Я довольна безумно)) Спасибо Flavour за такую замечательную подборку

  • Клименко Маргарита 20.11.2016

    Сет очень понравился. Шикарная подборка масел!

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Set of essential oils "Breathe it"

Lavender essential oil:

  • Aroma: Floral
  • Action: calming and relaxing
  • Recommendation: Add a drop of oil at night before going to sleep on your pillow - it will help you sleep. Or, add 3 drops of oil in Aromadiffusors.

Meant essential oil:

  • Aroma: Vivid, fresh, strong
  • Action: invigorating, uplifting.
  • Recommendation: add a few drops of oil in Aromadiffusors or mix with base oil for massage

Essential oil of ylang-ylang:

  • Aroma: vivid floral
  • Action: invigorating, stimulating. He is a strong aphrodisiac.
  • Recommendation: add 2-3 drops of oil in Aromadiffusors or 5-6 drops in basic massage oil.

The essential oil of cinnamon:

  • Aroma: vivid, warm, wood
  • Action: soothing, uplifting. As a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Recommendation: add 3 drops Aromadiffusors or as a base for massage oil. Avoid contact with the genitals, even in the composition of the oil mixture.

Essential oil of lemongrass:

  • Aroma: vivid, fresh
  • Action: calm
  • Recommendation: Use a few drops in a diffuser, especially at the first sign of a cold.

Essential oil of sweet orange:

  • Aroma: fresh, bright
  • Action: soothes, helps to cope with depression
  • Recommendation: add a few drops in a diffuser. You can put a drop of oil on your wrist for a fresh bright flavor.

Directions for use:

For best results, use essential oils in Aromadiffusors. Please refer to the instruction manual Aromadiffusors. Each cone has a different moisture capacity - this determines how many drops of oil to use. If you use the aroma lamps, add 1-2 drops of oil in the water tank. Always keep the oil bottles tightly closed. Store in a cool dark place. Essential oils are extremely sensitive to sunlight.

! Caution: Keep the oil out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately. During pregnancy and lactation should consult with the attending physician before use. For external use only.


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